Meals & Routine


Sample Meals
(All meals are home-made and nutritious)
Monday - Chicken Noodle Soup, Sandwiches, Cucumbers
Tuesday - Pizza, Carrot Sticks
Wednesday - Tomato Cous Cous Soup, Cold Cuts, Sliced Cheese
Thursday - Chicken Fingers, Rice, Mixed Vegetables
Friday - Fish Sticks, Salad, Spaghetti
*Meal suggestions are cheerfully accepted!
Fresh Fruit (variety), cheese sticks, raisons, rice cakes, pudding, granola bars, toast, yogurt, whole wheat crackers, rice crispy squares, apple sauce, raw veggies and crackers
Basic Routine
Arrival - Colouring/Crafts
9.30 am - Snack/Stories
10.00 am - Nap time for younger ones
10.15 am - Outdoor Play - weather permitting
11.00 am - Music/Dance-Circle Time
11.30 am - Lunch Time
12.00 - 2.00 pm - Nap time for older kids
2.00 pm - Craft Time/Go for a walk/Park/Trails etc.
2.30 pm - Snack and Story Time/Homework
3.00 pm - Nap Time (second) for younger ones
4.00 pm - Puzzles and Games
Naps vary according to age and need!
Special Service - Birthdays/ Major Holidays Celebrated  - A party complete with decorations, character cake and a gift awaits your little one on thier big day and photos for you of course!
Daily Report - Sample
Naps:  2-3 pm
Potty / BMS:
Snacks:  Raisin bran muffin (full-size), crushed pineapple, 2 arrowroot cookies
Lunch:  Tuna Casserole, Carrot Sticks, Whole Wheat Mini Bun
Occassional Overtime Available

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